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Poker Chips Values

Poker is a game of skill, but it can also be very advantageous to have poker chips on hand that are worth more than others. Poker players use the Poker Chips Values Chart as a guideline for when they should buy certain poker chips and how much they should pay for them.


This guide will teach you about what each color of poker chip represents in terms of value. This will help you maximize your playing experience with the right type of chip.

When it comes to playing poker, you have to ensure you clearly understand the game. This will help you achieve great results while playing, and eliminate too many disappointments.

Poker Chip Color Values

The Poker Chip Color Values Chart features poker chips of different colors. Each color signifies a certain value, and most players use the Poker Chip Values Chart to identify which poker chip they should purchase at what time. You can take advantage of these values by purchasing high-value poker chips when you have an idea that it’s going to be your turn soon.

Below are color values you need to familiarize yourself with:

  • White – $1
  • Pink – $2.50 although it’s rare for poker. Sometimes it’s used in black,
  • Blue – $10
  • Red – $5
  • Black – $100
  • Green – $25
  • Yellow – $2 but rare
  • Grey – $20
  • Orange – $50
  • Purple – $500
  • Brown – $5000
  • Light blue – $2000

You should also note that there are some variations to the denominations. For instance, Green is sometimes played at $20.

Hosting a Poker Game

If the game will have up to 10 players, it is recommended to have at least 500 chips in three or four colors. To host a large game with up to 30 people, try using between 1,000 and 2,000 chips in four or five colors.

When putting together your custom poker chips, be sure to stick with the same color across each chip. Also, remember to collect chips in the smallest possible denominations with ascending numbers as the denominations grow.

For instance, when assembling a set of 4 chip values of between $1 and $25, ensure the ratio you use for the chips is 4:3:2:1. In case it’s a set of 500 poker chips, it’s recommended to have 200, 150, 100, as well as 50 chips in colors white, red, green, blue. This is the right way to ensure it’s properly set when playing the game.


Value of Poker Chips

The value of poker chips significantly depends on their colors, as you’ve seen above. Poker chips in the United States are typically valued with a dollar sign followed by how many cents they’re worth. This “cents” value is usually different from the “cent” denomination of currency, but it’s used interchangeably for Poker Chips values.

Poker chips have varying values depending on their color. Therefore, when putting together your custom poker chips, be sure you stick with one color across each chip and collect them in denominations from smallest to largest.

The value of Poker Chips significantly depends on their colors (i.e., if there are two green $25 Poker Chips and one will cost more). Poker Chip Values vary based upon what number or letter corresponds to the denomination printed on them.

There are various types of poke chips you should know. They include;

  • Casino chips
  • High-value determination


Casino Chips

Casinos normally have custom-made chips with the monetary value and with the casino’s name printed or engraved on them. To help identify which poker chip is worth the most, some casinos may use color-coding. Colors usually represent values as noted above.

Various types of casino chips include:

  • Atlanta Casinos
    Casino poker chips have standard values for most colors, with the addition of two special colored chips.
  • Las Vegas
    The typical casino will have a few different denominations of poker chips. The amount can vary and there may be more than two types, such as 1 dollar and 5-dollar chips. For instance, the Wynn casino has brown chips valued at $2 or peach chips at 3 dollars.
  • California
    There aren’t any legal mandates when it comes to gaming chip colors in California, although there’s a common color coding that is normally used in many organized games.


High-Value Casino Denominations

It’s rare to see chip values over $5,000 in public casinos because high-stake games are normally private affairs. For games with a lot of money, some casinos use small cards to keep track of the money. In casinos, there are plaques that say how much they are worth. The higher the number, the more it is worth. For instance, you can find stakes worth $5,000, $10,000, and $20,000 or higher.

Poker Chip Colors

Throughout history, gambling games have often used some form of marker to represent cash or other forms of currency. The type we know now, standardized betting chips, came into use in the early 1800s.

Saloons and gambling houses from the era of cowboys used valued inscribed chips for table games.

Therefore, poker chip colors have come a long way, and still are in use today. The most common ones seen at casinos are white, red and green for $100, $25 and $50 respectively.


Black chips may be worth as little as one dollar or as much as 500 dollars depending on the casino. There is a brown color of poker chip that can be bought to signify betting stakes between 100-500 dollars since there was no specific color made for it.

Each game will have different rules about what each value means, but they usually represent various amounts of money invested into the pot by players who want to see their hand win the showdown in order to collect all (or some) of the bets put forward from other player(s). Poker chips values depend on size too, and this is something worth noting. It’s essential to check the size of poker chips to ensure you select the right one depending how you’re playing.

Overall, There are many factors that determine a poker chip’s value: color, number, how much it weighs, design etc., alongside its determined monetary worth. Each game will have different rules about what each value means but they usually represent various amounts of money invested into the pot by players.

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Big Casino Win in history

The allure of the casino is unmistakable, and the thrill of winning money at a casino is irresistible. Of course, every player plays to win and hopefully win big. Whether you’re a clever casino strategist or a casual player testing your pure luck, there is almost nothing exciting like the idea of stepping into a casino with a few bucks only to walk out a millionaire. What is big casino win?

biggest casino win wins

Although the chances are extremely rare, different gamblers were truly lucky. They unexpectedly won millions of dollars by playing casinos, roulette, blackjack, and other favorite casino games, both online and on land.

In this article, we will look at some of the biggest casino wins that will inspire you on your betting journey. Read on to discover those glorious moments when the lucky ducks finally hit it big!

Biggest casino wins

Some casino players were lucky to have their dream of millions turn into cash. Here are the biggest casino wins of all time.

1. $40 million

Walking into a casino with $50 in your pocket and walking out with $40 million may sound like a tale or a well-written fiction; it is a true story.

Archie Karas, the winner of $40 million, has an intriguing journey through many casinos. After losing $2 million in an LA poker game, he could not stop gambling. Karas went to Las Vegas with only $50 to give it another try. Luckily, he spotted a friend and borrowed $10,000 and kept playing, where he managed to win $17 million at the end of the day. Karas’ winning stake lasted for the next 30 months, during which he won $40 million.

Despite being the luckiest man in the casino, his winning lasted three weeks.

2. $39.7 million

While waiting for a basketball game, a 25-year-old software engineer walked into Excalibur casino to pass the time. He was lucky to walk with one of the biggest casino wins. Winning nearly $39,713 982.25 was an excellent way to pass the time, anyway.

3. $20-$40 million

One evening, Kerry Packer, an Australian billionaire, was trying his hand in blackjack and baccarat just for fun and to learn the games. Well, he won somewhere between $20 and $40 million – he won so much in the evening that the exact figure is unknown. Rumor has it that he was generous to tip the staff $1,000,000.

4. $34.95 million

In January 2000, Cynthia Jay Brennan, a cocktail waitress, was lucky to win the largest Megabucks jackpot at that time. On her 9th try, the machine rewarded her a whopping $34,959,458.56, allowing her to happily quit her job, marry her boyfriend, and opt to tour the world. Unfortunately, her fate turned to misery when she got into an accident a few weeks after the big win.

Biggest roulette win

Roulette is one of the most exciting casino games that rely on pure chance. Here are the lucky ducks who made a fortune while playing roulette. Biggest roulette win below:

biggest roulette win

1. Joseph Jagger – $375,000

With his knowledge of machines, Joseph Jagger suspected it was possible to beat roulette. In 1973, he decided to test his theory, where he managed to punish the casinos of Monte Carlo, winning $375,00 in the biased roulette wheel. After his big casino sin, he stayed away from gambling.

2. Philip Green – £2 Million

Roulette is a lucky casino game for Sir Philip Green. This tycoon was able to add millions to his billions when he won £2 Million in December 2004. Rumors have it that he won another £1 million in a subsequent visit before the year ended.

3. Charles Wells – around 2 Million Francs

Although Charles Wells was a well-known scammer, he was honest and good at roulette. On one night in 1891, he walked to a Monte Carlo Casino Resort and started spinning the wheel. With his 23 out of 30 consecutive wins, he was able to break the bank, winning close to one million francs. On a later date, Wells won over one million francs.

4. Pedro Grendene Bartelle

In January 2017, Pedro Grendene Bartelle saw his $350 turn into 3.5 million when playing French roulette at Hotel Conrad.

biggest blackjack win

Biggest blackjack win

Blackjack is another ancient casino game that is still in play. Although it comes in a whole lot of versions, the basic rules remain the same. If you master the simple rules, you may end up getting one of the biggest blackjack wins. Here are the past blackjack millionaires.

1. $40 million – Kerry Packer

Kerry Packer’s extraordinary gambling career is famous. For him, it was either a big win or a significant loss, as he was one the highest-rollers in casinos.

In 1991, he visited Hilton Casino, where he managed to grab $7 million. Later in 1995, he was placing $250,000 bets on each round at MGM Grand, and in his 8th hand, Packer cashed out $40 million in just 40 minutes.

2. $15.1 million – Don Johnson

Don Johnson is a well-known avid blackjack player. Although he has a list of winnings, he was able to cash out a whopping $15.1 million playing blackjack between December 2010 and April 2011. Later in the month, he won $4.2 million at Borgata Hotel Casino.

big casino win

3. $4.5 million – Ken Uston

Ken Uston has really mastered blackjack strategies and the mathematical elements that rule the game. This gifted gambler and highly skilled blackjack player, together with his team, won over $4.5 million.

4. $1.5 million – The “Shoeless” Joe

No one knows the identity of this man who cashed out $1.5 million after visiting the casino with no shoes on. As the story goes, he was banished from his own house by his wife before hitting the jackpot. This is clear that commoners can also be lucky.

It is now clear that you can win big playing your favorite casino games. Interestingly, you don’t have to visit land-based casinos to get the biggest casino wins. Since most casino games are based on luck, you can start rolling the dice from your phone, and you might be the next millionaire.

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Best Bonus Slots

Whenever you deposit at a casino, the casino will likely grant you a bonus. Most casinos offer a prize that is proportionate to the amount you deposit. For example, a casino may provide you with 100% for every $100 you deposit. Bonuses rates vary from casino to casino. Among the many different gaming varieties offered, online bonus slots are considered to be the most exciting. Best bonus slots allow players to participate in bonus rounds, and whenever one wins here, they receive some additional advantages.


The advantages ranged from extra betting money and increased multipliers that yield more money for the same betting amount. Some bonuses could also offer you free spins for the next round. Ideally, bonus slots offered at online casinos are a pure gambling case but have increased benefits to the players by winning more. Different bonuses appear in various types of gaming machines. The bonus slots may be predetermined with a lump sum behind the prize predetermined by the slotting machine. Other bonuses are not predetermined and are accorded according to the player’s performance during the game.

Best bonus slots

Most people prefer slotting machines with bonuses. The purpose of the prize is to make the gaming experience more exciting and catchier. While some slotting devices provide the player with an opportunity to participate directly in their bonus, others have a self-playing spin bonus feature. In the latter part, players do not have to participate in decision-making and leave that to the machine, spinning the reels and paying the price after the draw. The quality of the bonus slotting machine is only determined by assessing the quality of its user interface based on consumer preference and the various symbols that the slotting device is offering.

Special symbols

There are different types of slot symbols that one needs to be familiar with whenever participating in a bonus slot. These symbols include simple signs, wild symbols, bonus symbols, and scatter. Whenever participating in an online bonus slot, it is advised that you read the availed slot rules to make a clear view of the situation at hand.

Generally, whenever a specific symbol appears on the reels of the slotting machine, it is required for one to be familiar with the type of bonus game they will participate in. You will click the symbol you wish to join in, and the slotting machine will redirect you to the available bonus rounds. The typical bonus slots found in standard online slotting machines are subdivided into three main classifications of advantages. The extra money bonus presupposes winning some extra money where you might be asked to choose between a few cards, which lies a sum of money.

most -popular -slot-machines

Free spin

The free spin kind of bonus only gives you a few extra spins without paying for them. All the money that the player wins within these free spins is added to their real account. The multiplayer bonus provides the player with a chance to choose between different hidden multipliers. The player might be required to choose between other numbers representing different multipliers, and the number picked determines the multiplier to be applied to the prize. To characterize a slotting machine’s quality, you need to study the types of bonuses that the slotting machine offers. Consequently, there are slotting machines that provide rewards and those that do not.

Most popular slots machines

The quality of services offered at a slotting machine often determines its popularity. Many online players will judge a slotting machine’s rate depending on the user interface, bonuses offered, and the whole gaming experience. The better the services provided at the slotting device, the more popularity it gains. It is the human nature of people to prefer different gaming experiences for various reasons. Ideally, the slotting machine must provide its players with a gaming experience that they desire. Let’s look at most popular slots machines below.

The Cleopatra Slot

Many popular slotting devices offer the best bonuses. Named after an Egyptian theme, The Cleopatra Slot is among the most popular slotting machines of all time. This slotting machine has five reels and 20 pay line titles. The device provides players with an opportunity to trigger free spins for the bonus. The player can earn up to 15 free spins and grab themselves three times multiplayer. Although this feature may seem a little simplistic, the payouts that emanate from an additional fifteen free spins are pretty worthwhile.


The Zeus WWS Gaming slot

Yet another popular slotting machine is The Zeus WWS Gaming slot. This slotting machine named after Greek mythology. This slotting machine has five reels and offers a gaming experience where the players can earn up to a hundred free spins. This number of possible free wins has driven this slotting machine towards the great popularity that it has crowded itself with.

The Buffalo Slot

The legendary Buffalo Slot is yet another popular slotting machine from Aristocrat. Buffalo slotting machine has over a thousand pay lines and a possible mega multiplier up to 27 times which eyed by many and has led to the incredible popularity of the slotting machine. Those who have been lucky to hit the multiplayer have walked away with huge sums. Buffalo Slotting machine also offers free spins, which pretty standard, and an excellent way of winning money compared to other slotting machines.

Video slots mobile

Video slot mobile machines are a more improved type of slot machine on the rise in the ordinary day world. So video slot machines differ from other types of slot machines in that they do not use mechanical reels. Instead, they use graphical reels on computerized displays. These automated systems lack mechanical constraints associated with other slotting machines. The mechanical spinning reels’ automatic controls led to the video slot machines’ design. The video slot machines work under the mechanism of a random number generator. The generated number then translated into symbols that you see on the standard reels. The advantage of video slot machines is that they have more winning combinations than mechanical reel slots. Also, many of the video slot machines are accessible via mobile phones and applications.


Favorite slots

To determine a favorite slots, we have to gauge the quality of the services offered. While random sampling could do the trick, different players have different favorites for their games. Some gamers prefer slotting machines with better bonuses but others like those with higher multipliers. Among the slotting devices offering the best bonus rounds include; The Invisible Man, Rocky, and Pharaoh’s Fortune, classified as the favorite slotting machines for many people.

Different slotting machines have additional features. The quality of the slotting machine determined by the quality of services offered and the bonuses available. Typical bonuses available at slotting devices include extra spins, better multipliers, and additional money offers. Finally, video slots – a new modernized way of online slot gambling.

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Types of Poker

Poker is the most famous card game played in a casino over the years. On many occasions, the game is typically referred to as Poker, The King of Casino. Previously, many people believed that poker was first played in the United States of America as a card game (sneak peek at oldest casino in the world where Poker was also played). As early as 1937, Roy Foster, an Irish historian, claimed that poker was similar to a Persian game called As-Nas, played five cards to every player and from a pack of twenty cards. Deeper research has later disproved Foster’s claims unearthing that poker must-have evolved quite recently, around the 19th century, and became the famous gambling game today. Poker games have many forms and variations depending on the rules followed in each game. So let’s find out more about types of Poker.


Different types of poker

There are many types of poker games played in different casinos across the world. What differs from one poker game to the other is the rules enacted in each. To understand and comprehensively define the different types of poker games, it is important to describe the different terms used in poker games. The term Ante refers to the minimum allowable amount of money one must gamble to be allowed into the game’s action. Instead of using real money to place bets in poker, the players use round chips, usually placed on the table before cards are dealt. These chips are referred to as blinds. A poker game call generally means that the player is willing to match the amount raised by a new wager.

On the other hand, if there is no new wager and the player has no immediate urge to raise his bets, the scenario is called a check. Consequently, a raise refers to a player’s wish to increase the bets’ amount on the table. As such, the different types of poker games available in a casino can be discussed.

Texas Hold ‘Em

Texas Hold ‘Em is the most famous series of poker games played in many casinos across the world today. In this game, the players are dealt with two hole cards and then await five more community cards to be slipped over. Betting is done at different stages of the game, usually after a sequence of agreed moves.

The first bets are placed after the two hole cards have been issued. The second betting must only happen after three of the five community cards have been flipped. Another bet follows once the fourth card is flipped and the last of bets placed after the last one of the five community cards is revealed. In possession of the hole cards and the community cards, players are free to use their best combination of any pair of the available cards to make their best hands. The player with the best cards, in the end, is said to win.

The Omaha poker

The Omaha poker game is closely related to Texas Hold ‘Em, having four rounds of bets during the game. However, the initial cards dealt at the beginning of the game add up to four hole cards. Once these cards are dealt with, all the five community cards are immediately flipped. Omaha poker can be played by a minimum of two players and a maximum of ten.

To win, players must come up with five of their best cards, two from the four hole cards issued at the beginning and the rest as a combination of their best cards from the community cards.


Seven Card Stud

The other type of poker game is known as Seven Card Stud, where each player is issued with a bunch of seven cards. Also, four of these cards are facing up, and the rest are facing down. The player is expected to make a set of five best cards to win.

Five Card Draw

In a Five Card Draw poker game, the players are issued five cards, just as the name suggests. During their first move, the players are permitted to trade a maximum of three of their cards and come up with their best match of the five cards to give them the best hand.

Queen Poker

Follow the Queen is more interesting than most poker games, whereby the wild card is determined by the card exposed once the Queen has been flipped.


Poker variations

The popular games in poker are categorized into three main classifications. So Poker variations depending on the game’s rules, nature, and form. While in stud games, players must use the original cards, mostly 5 or 7, they were dealt with to make their best hand; draw games allow players to trade some of their cards, usually a maximum of three cards, to improve their stakes. In community cards, cards are dealt secretively, usually face-down on the table, and are specific and unique to each player.

All players have equal chances to play off one another to make their best hand and win the game. From these three main classification, many more types of poker games arise. With each slightly different from the other in one way or the other, but still can be categorized as either stud, community card, or draw games. These three classifications are commonly referred to as poker variants.

As such, the different poker games discussed follow in these categories. However, some casinos allow players to play a mixer of these games in a single play session. For example, the players may play Texas Hold ‘Em for twenty minutes before turning to Follow the Queen in the next twenty minutes. The resulting game cannot be categorized among the three major poker variants.


Poker games list

Based on the classification and variation of the different poker games played in a casino. The following poker games list is sufficient.

7-Card Stud
5-Card Stud
Follow the Queen
Texas Hold ‘Em
Omaha Hi
Omaha Hi-Low

This list is varying from one casino to the other based on the facilities they have and their ability to host each game at their tables. A combination of two or more games can be played in a single session. Though there are general rules that govern each of these games, these rules may vary from place to place.

Finally, gambling in casinos is a leisure activity that many people enjoy. In many casinos or casino lounge across the world, poker is the most popular card game played at the tables. Dependent on the rules of each game, poker games can be classified into three major variants. From these variants, many types of poker arise. It is possible to play more than one poker type in a single play session.

Casino lounge

Club lounge casino – eat, drink, play!

In the past, gambling considered a moral pseud activity, and casinos were a rare sight. Many governments viewed gambling in casinos as a hideout for criminals, and gambling was more of a crime than a leisure activity. With time, this notion changed, and in 1638, the oldest casino was opened in Venice. The Casino di Venezia, as commonly referenced as then, was opened and hosted on Ridotto of San Moise street. This casino exits till today though it was moved a different street, Lido. Over the years, gambling has developed to become a leisure activity loved by many people. More and more casinos have been legalized and are up and functioning, offering various gambling games. There has been a new trend among casinos to offer refreshments, foods, and drinks for their clients. Club lounge casino – eat, drink, play!


Club lounge casino

Many gamblers prefer casinos where they can play a good game and enjoy refreshing foods and drinks. To attract more customers, many such casinos have taken to providing gambling games alongside foods and drinks. They have made it possible to play, eat and drink from the same establishment, an effort to reach many gamblers appreciate. Though this idea has been highly viewed as an extension for the casinos to earn more money by providing the gamblers with a place to spend the money they earn from gambling, this strategy works out quite well. With passing time, the urge to pair bars and restaurants with casinos has become more of a necessity than a bonus. Many casinos across the world now have this service in their systems.

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands is a famous casino located in Singapore, and it is considered to be among the most successful casinos in the whole world. This casino is strategically placed in a large mall to provide gamblers with a chance to shop easily and spend their wins! Marina Bay Sands holds over 1500 slots machines. The casino is famous for its intriguing decoration with the splendid sight, catchy to the eyes, and satisfying to play in.

Place great Casino

Similarly, Place great Casino, located in at Monte Carlo, also paired with a Hotel de Paris hotel. Flights of the stairs link the casino also this hotel, and also the gamblers may track their gambles in the easy of comfy seats, other lovely interior decorations and marble colonnades. The hotel also provides a variety of luxurious foods, drinks, and wines. Moreover, gamblers have access to a private beach, golf club, country club, and other relaxation facilities. For someone looking for a nice place in Monte to chill out, play, eat and drink, Place du Casino happens to be the place.


Harrah’s New Orleans Hotel

Harrah’s New Orleans Hotel and Casino is also a nice place to play gambling games and enjoy good dishes and drinks served to you. This casino and hotel are located close to River Mississippi in New Orleans. Harrah is famous for holding the latest variety of board games, including poker and other table games. Over 400 gaming rooms and gamblers have proximity access to a restaurant offering delicacies, drinks, and other refreshments. Recreational facilities are also abundant at this casino. The intention here is clear, and as the name suggests, it is both a restaurant and a casino at the same time.

Casino Lisbon

Closely related to Harrah is Casino Lisbon, located in Macau. Lisbon also comprises both a casino and a hotel and has provision for over 900 rooms for gambling. Lisbon is especially famous for poker games and holding tournaments every year across Asia. The foods and drinks provided in this casino specially prepared from different dishes worldwide to suit players from everywhere across the globe. Drinks and other refreshments also offered abundantly in this casino.

Club Lounge Casino

Though not a physical establishment, the Club Lounge Casino provides a great deal of refreshment and gaming activities. This online platform has state-of-the-art decors and features and has been classified to be among the best gaming environments over the internet. The portfolio is catchy and provides sophisticated mobile platforms and live bets completely accessible from the comfort of your home. New players welcomed with a lot of bonuses and gifts. Live Lounge Casino is proof that a nice casino to chill, play games in, and have fun is also accessible at home.


Casino bar and grill

The Bar and Grill casino situated in Bodega, an ancient town in northern California. This casino provides a place where friends or families on vacation can assemble for a drink or a bite and participate in fun games while reviewing the authentic culture of this prehistoric town. Surprisingly enough, the casino Bar and Grill happens not to be a gambling establishment despite its name. However, it is a buy and restaurant offering food and drinks for its visitors from all over across America. The casino is easy to spot transit is a typical landmark roadhouse, and a community touchstone.

Live lounge casino

It is still possible to have fun, play, and relax at an online casino. But there is to do is access a nice gambling website to join. Research conducted by Vegas slots, Live Lounge Casino is a great online classic and sophisticated gambling website. This casino aims to nap this Scandinavian market. The website can Saba variety of linguistic divisions, and it designed to serve Swedish Norwegian Finish and English players. Live Lounge casino aims at providing a thrilling live casino service. It achieves this by stocking an extensive collection from high-range Micro gaming suppliers such as Net Ent. The casino was created in 2016 and is only accessible by players from a limited jurisdiction.

Casinos have been in existence for quite a time now. With changing tastes and preferences among players, it is becoming necessary for casinos to improve their services to match their consumer needs. Many players would prefer a casino to play games while accessing foods and drinks at their convenience. Therefore, casinos are changing to become more than just a place to play games and a place where people can order food, drinks, and cocktails while chilling out.

Casino world

Oldest Casino in Las Vegas And Over the World

Gambling has evolved over the years to become a leisure activity like any other. Unlike in the past, where gambling was almost considered a crime, nowadays, there are more licensed casinos than you can count. Casinos have evolved from being a source of ridicule by societal and religious beliefs to being regulated like any other government regulation. Society has slowly incorporated gambling in its ways, and no one no longer receives a scolding nor an accusing finger if they caught gambling. In the last article talked about best world Casino and now let’s sneak peek at oldest casino in Las Vegas!


History of Casino

Gambling has existed for a very long time in one form or another throughout the history of humankind. So history of Casino have some interesting facts. The first indicators of ancient games of chance found in ancient China. Inscriptions in Roman and Greek potteries indicate betting over which animals would win in an animal fight. The nature of humanity to gamble has existed in him ever since. The first gambling game, “white pigeon ticket,” played in China’s gambling houses in 200BC.

It is highly presumed that cards were first played in China. Though the games played are unknown, and cards were far from what is played today. It is from here that gambling has grown to what we have today. Roulette and Vingt-et-un introduced in the United States by immigrants from another part of the world. It is later in 1991 that laws passed to legalize gambling, and the first gambling software made to make online gambling possible. From this simple software, the schematics of online gambling as it is today have slowly evolved to where we are now.


Oldest Casino in The World

In the 17th century, under the action of political and religious leaders who were traditionalists, social tolerance of vices such as gambling and tourism was uplifted. Wealthy Englishmen visited the coastal city quite often, which encouraged the rise of gambling and other leisure activities. The oldest casino in the world opened in Venice in 1638. The Casino di Venezia opened and hosted on Ridotto of San Moise street and exits till today though on a different street, Lido. Casinos later sprung up by the action of wealthy merchants and have been developing and evolving with time till now. Today, this casino offers a wide variety of modern table games where customers can play blackjack. Also Caribbean poker, and roulette games, just like they played cheap gambling games in the past.

Oldest Casino In Las Vegas

Nevada’s legislature realized that gambling was a potential source of revenue to fund its operations and thus legalized it in 1931. Since gambling was already existing in Las Vegas, this law leads to an abrupt rise in the number of casinos, especially now that it was a recognized business entitled to licensing. In Vegas, the first gambling license issued in 1931 to the Northern Club. So maybe this is the oldest Casino in Las Vegas. Other casinos that were later licensed were; Hotel Apache and the Las Vegas Club along Fremont Street. With casinos licensed at such an early time, it is not surprising to realize many casinos in Lagos Vegas today.


Famous Casinos in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has among the most famous casinos in the whole world. Gambling in Vegas was brought about by the sequential events that followed the building of the Hoover Dam. The dam brought together people from different places in the form of laborers. It’s believed that a group of these people must have bought with them the art of gambling. And introduced it to their friends during the dam construction. When Nevada’s government realized that gambling could be a source of income just like any other business. It legalized gambling and started issuing licenses to casinos. With such developments as early as 1931, gambling in Las Vegas has grown to be a great business. Several casinos are famous in Las Vegas.

The Venetian

The Venetian is a famous casino in Las Vegas and holds more than 2500 slotting and poker machines. The casino also has 115 gaming tables with additional high stake sections that carry 12 tables. It is famous for having a wide variety of slotting machines for players to choose from while enjoying spin-the-wheel adventure stakes. Familiar casino classics such as blackjack, poker, roulette, and baccarat also offered for those who physically visit the Venetian, electronic casino games such as full automatic versions of baccarat, roulette, and blackjack.

The Bellagio

The Bellagio casino is also quite famous in Las Vegas. Besides enjoying various casino games offered by any casino, Bellagio provides players with a chance to witness live shows from world gambling champions. It also has excellent restaurant services for players and visitors. Similar to Venetian, this casino also has numerous slotting and poker machines on all floors for access by the players. Similarly, table games in their different baccarat, poker, roulette, and blackjack categories also offered at both semi and fully automated versions. The casino has an M-life reward system where it rewards its loyal members with various exclusive parks.

The Flamingo Las Vegas

The Flamingo Las Vegas casino has been operating for five decades. And is the only casino in Vegas that offers its members a chance to play craps. There are over 1600 slotting machines providing games such as Wheel of Fortune, Sizzling 7s, and Megabucks. Table games are also available, accompanied by a wide variety of tables to choose from.

White pigeon ticket

Casinos and gambling have had their origin closely linked to man throughout his life. Gambling was first practiced in China in a closely related game, “white pigeon ticket,”. Which used different pieces from those used today. With time, gambling has evolved to become what it is today and has witnessed society change its perspective about gambling and start considering it like any other source of joy. The first casino put up in Italy, from which many more sprouted up. Since gambling is so much rooted in Las Vegas people’s everyday life, it can only be theorized that it is its introduction early and its legalization that lead to these circumstances.

Casino world

Best World Casinos

Gambling at an online casino is an experience to reckon with and quite a fun thing to do. However, visiting a real casino is another better experience altogether for gambling fanatics. To make this experience as enjoyable as possible, one should seek the best world casinos around them. One with the best tables, spooky slotting machines, and impressive decors.


Over time and with reliable research, one could point out various casinos that considered to be most intriguing in the world. These casinos mostly found in large cities, including Las Vegas, Sin City, and Monte Carlo. These cities are among the most popular gambling destinations across the whole world. There are various casinos ranke to be the best in the world.

Best world casinos

Marina Bay Sands casino

Marina Bay Sands casino is situated in Singapore and is considered the most successful casino business in the world. The Casino is set out in a large mall to allow players to shop quickly and spend their wins! The Casino holds 1500 slotting machines, intriguing décor with a splendid sight, and over 600 tables for gambling. Place du Casino located in Monte Carlo and coupled with a hotel, Hotel de Paris. Flights of stairs link the Casino and the hotel, and gamblers can track their bets in the comfort of comfy seats, marble colonnades, and other lovely interior decorations, not to mention luxurious drinks and wines. Apart from the hotel, gamblers have access to a private beach, golf club, country club, and other relaxation facilities.

Trump Taj Mahal casino

Trump Taj Mahal casino is also among the best-rated casinos. It is located in Atlantic City, in the United States. The establishment is owned and run by Donald Trump and is famous for its exciting poker games. Interior decors lined with artistic sculpts of elephants and beautiful architectural works of chandeliers and domes. It has a large enough capacity as it can host up to 2200 people. Casino-de-Charlevoix is also a worldwide casino famous for its precise situation about a mountain. It has a great view of the Laurentian Mountains and linked with three hotels. The Casino also offers a broader variety of games than other casinos ranging from blackjack, roulette, poker, slot machines, and other more games. The Casino is not as spacious as other casinos but has a well-designed golf course. This Casino is located in French Canada, with proximity to the city of Quebec.


Harrah’s New Orleans Hotel and Casino

Harrah’s New Orleans Hotel and Casino situated in New Orleans, close to the Mississippi River. This particular Casino is famous for holding the latest board games, poker, and other table games. It has over 400 gaming rooms and plenty of restaurants and other entertainment facilities. Casino Lisbon, located in Macau, comprises both a casino and a hotel and has over 900 rooms for gambling. It is famous for its poker games and tournaments every year across Asia. Food and drinks offered in this Casino specially prepared with different dishes and wines across the world.

Top casinos in the world

So what is the top casinos in the world? Casinos consider top in the world, depending on the number of people they attract every year. Ideally, the most appealing casinos end up having a wider variety of people that visit them. The profits these casinos make and thus become more successful. To appeal to gamblers, casinos equipped with all board games that interest players were ranging from roulette, blackjack, and poker. The exterior and interior décor also plays a role in determining the number of people that will visit a particular casino. Casinos lined with chandeliers, dome ceilings, creative architecture are more likely to appeal to gamblers. Efficient lighting, temperature regulation, and a sound communication system ensure the proper running of the Casino.

Famous Las Vegas casinos

Based on consumer support services, pay-out periods, and discounts offered, a list of top casinos has been prepared. Famous Las Vegas casinos below:

Dream Vegas casino in Las Vegas could be considered to be new in the market compared to other casinos but has risen to become a top casino in the world. It has a unique gaming experience and has both an online platform and physical centers. The online platform is run by software that allows for one to place bets, track the bet, and will enable one to stream live betting and gaming. The Casino has excellent offers and cumulative jackpots to capture larger audiences.

Leo Vegas, still located in Las Vegas, has had a great name over the past years. With a wider variety of gaming options, players have various options to choose from and are thus not limited to a single gaming option. Its online platforms have 400 games wholly run by software. Moreover, new gamers are lucky offer better bonuses and free spins for a limit time.

Finally, Betsafe casino banks on enhancing credibility, transparency, and trustworthiness to members who visit its platforms online. Layouts in Betsafe Casino have a record pay-out time of less than one hour. Graphics for streaming games improved three-dimensional. Live poker games, betting for sports, and jackpots can be followed on the online platform. It is among the top-rated casinos in the whole world.


Famous casinos

According to a study conducted by Mentalitch, the most famous Casino is Binion’s Horseshoe Casino, located in Las Vegas, USA. The Casino has been in operation since 1951 and was the first Casino to offer free beverages, reduced room rates, and free food for players as an effort to build a good consumer relation. Trump Taj Mahal casino had in existence for a long time and considered to be among the most famous casinos in the United States. Also, it has a unique architectural design, which makes it quite popular. It also took a lot of finances to set up, which made it more widespread. The Casino is quite large, with up to 120,000 square feet of space for gaming.

Interesting facts about casinos

It is interesting to realize that despite casinos being so famous in the Americas and other parts of the world, they originated from Italy. Also, the highest jackpot wins ever record on a casino’s slotting machine is $39.7 million. It is also interesting to note that the largest floor space is 600,000 square feet.