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Crypto Esports Betting

The crypto esports betting market has exploded in recent years as more people try their hand at gaining an edge over the bookies. With bitcoin and its ilk making their way into mainstream society, it’s no surprise that cryptocurrencies have also found their way into the sports betting industry. Betting platforms are employing crypto as payment methods in most popular Bitcoin skill games available to bettors today, including football and basketball. If you want to know where to start your esports betting career, check out this article on crypto esports betting to get in on the action.


Where can I find Bitcoin esports gambling sites?,, BC.Game are some of the esports betting websites you should look into. You can also research other platforms to see if they offer the esports leagues and betting options you are looking for.

It is possible that the answer will vary depending on where you live. Make sure to check out any laws that might prevent Bitcoin esports betting. If esports betting in your area is legal, then you can bet with Bitcoin.

What are the pros and cons of placing eSport wagers using cryptocurrency?

There are pros: You can withdraw and deposit faster. You can withdraw more money and have lower deposits. Cons: Your withdrawal or deposit could be lost if you do not double-check your address. Always double-check! You may lose your winnings or your funds due to crypto volatility.

Which are the best crypto eSports betting websites?

The best one is one that allows you play legally. You need to make sure that it has the crypto you desire, allows for withdrawals without restrictions, is reliable, trustworthy, and offers good customer service. You can then see if there is a fun community you could join.

​Bitcoin sports betting

The crypto esports betting industry has boomed in recent years, with many people now turning to cryptocurrencies to bet. Many websites offering football and basketball betting allow users to pay in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum. Most sites will have a provably fair system where players can verify that the site provides accurate odds, guaranteeing that their winnings are legitimate.

The main reason to use cryptocurrencies when betting on sports is that it’s easier than dealing with bank transactions and credit card fees. It also offers a degree of privacy since you don’t need to provide personal information like your name and address.

However, there are some drawbacks. You might not be able to withdraw your funds easily if you live in a country that restricts cryptocurrency exchanges. There is also an increased risk of scams because most sites don’t require KYC verification; this means hackers could get access to your account without any checks being made.

Sportsbet Tennis, Bitcoin Football Betting and More

Esports crypto betting is a relatively new phenomenon, but it’s taken off like wildfire. From Bitcoin football betting to Sportsbet tennis to other international games, many different games allow you to wager on them with cryptocurrency. You can also find esports betting sites that use both traditional currency and cryptocurrencies.

There are even sites that will pay out in cryptocurrency as well if you win. And since cryptocurrencies are decentralized from country-to-country, your funds will be safe no matter where they’re located or your chosen site. The more you bet, the more points you’ll earn toward winning prizes. As more people are becoming aware of this form of sports gambling, more and more sites have popped up trying to take advantage of this lucrative market.

​Best Sports Betting Sites for Beginners

Let’s talk about best sports betting sites for beginners and dummies. ​


Fortunejack is one of the best crypto betting site is tailored for casino games and sports lover players with a wide selection of gambling choices that range from poker to live casino roulette. Another plus? It is secure, safe, and fast! Various payment methods are available, including Bitcoin and credit card deposits, so you will have a way to fund your account no matter what your preference may be or where you are located.


  • Crypto welcome bonus
  • Several international sports to select from
  • Fast and secure
  • Tailored for gambling site for crypto betting


  • Unavailable live streaming
  • Relatively high wagering needs


A sport betting with a crypto twist is what you will get from While it only offers sports betting, it has one of the widest selections of leagues and games. Plus, there are cryptocurrency prizes offered when you make successful bets. How awesome is that? In addition, they also offer up to 130+ cryptocurrency varieties to choose from, plus 1021 games to bet on. It’s easy to see why this is such a popular choice among many looking to bet on their favorite teams. The downside? They don’t offer new players any welcome bonus, which could put them behind the curve. But if you’re looking for a place to bet without restrictions, this might be worth checking out.


  • Good Reputation
  • Two-factor authentication for security
  • Great customer service
  • Several games for everyone


  • Low sports betting odds
  • No welcome bonus

BC.Game platform was made exclusively for people who love both sports and gaming. With more than 80% of its customers being gamers, this is an ideal website for those who love competitive eSports but enjoy traditional sporting events like football or basketball. With plenty of markets to choose from (and even some unique options), this platform would be perfect for someone who wants something more flexible than what is typically found at other sites.

The fantastic thing is that the platform offers up to 50 cryptocurrencies, where the new player can get 1 BTC on the first deposit and 50 free spins. That is not all, though, as BC.GAME provides numerous opportunities for depositing funds, including via bank wire transfer, Neteller, Skrill, and, most importantly – cryptocurrency wallet transfers. Depending on the type of game you want, head over to their GAMES PAGE for a list of each game, along with information about how to play.


  • You can swap your altcoin for ETH, BTC, DOGE
  • Displays house edge best to display every game
  • Highly secure thanks to open-source code


  • Unfair lucky spin
  • Doesn’t allow crypto buying on the platform

Esports Betting With Bitcoin

With many sports betting sites now accepting bitcoin, it’s easier than ever to get started. Bitcoin is a digital currency that can be used as cash online. So esport betting with Bitcoin is already posible. To use bitcoin as a means of payment, you’ll need to register with a company like Coinbase or Xapo. Once registered, you can use your bitcoins to deposit money into your account at a sportsbook of your choice and make bets using this money. Because bitcoin is so new and relatively unknown, only a few reputable companies currently offer crypto esports betting in football and basketball.

For that reason, you must exercise caution when choosing an esports bookmaker. Fortunately, there are factors other than trustworthiness that you should consider before opening up an account with any specific bitcoin-friendly sports betting site. You should also review their deposit/withdrawal limits and hours of operation and whether they offer live in-game betting.

One thing to remember is that even if a cryptocurrency sports betting site has low wagering limits, you may still be able to place larger bets by depositing more bitcoins. As long as the odds are reasonable and bitcoin isn’t volatile at the time of your bet, you could potentially win big without having deposited too much capital.


Crypto esports betting sites are a promising new trend. Many different sites are available to bet with a wide range of odds. As cryptocurrency becomes more mainstream, it will be interesting to see if more people can use bitcoin at these sites. It is great that there are now so many different ways to gamble with blockchain technology, even if some of them aren’t as popular as others. Whether you’re an experienced gambler or someone who is just curious about what blockchain can do, make sure you give cryptocurrencies a try.