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Oldest Casino in Las Vegas And Over the World

Gambling has evolved over the years to become a leisure activity like any other. Unlike in the past, where gambling was almost considered a crime, nowadays, there are more licensed casinos than you can count. Casinos have evolved from being a source of ridicule by societal and religious beliefs to being regulated like any other government regulation. Society has slowly incorporated gambling in its ways, and no one no longer receives a scolding nor an accusing finger if they caught gambling. In the last article talked about best world Casino and now let’s sneak peek at oldest casino in Las Vegas!


History of Casino

Gambling has existed for a very long time in one form or another throughout the history of humankind. So history of Casino have some interesting facts. The first indicators of ancient games of chance found in ancient China. Inscriptions in Roman and Greek potteries indicate betting over which animals would win in an animal fight. The nature of humanity to gamble has existed in him ever since. The first gambling game, “white pigeon ticket,” played in China’s gambling houses in 200BC.

It is highly presumed that cards were first played in China. Though the games played are unknown, and cards were far from what is played today. It is from here that gambling has grown to what we have today. Roulette and Vingt-et-un introduced in the United States by immigrants from another part of the world. It is later in 1991 that laws passed to legalize gambling, and the first gambling software made to make online gambling possible. From this simple software, the schematics of online gambling as it is today have slowly evolved to where we are now.


Oldest Casino in The World

In the 17th century, under the action of political and religious leaders who were traditionalists, social tolerance of vices such as gambling and tourism was uplifted. Wealthy Englishmen visited the coastal city quite often, which encouraged the rise of gambling and other leisure activities. The oldest casino in the world opened in Venice in 1638. The Casino di Venezia opened and hosted on Ridotto of San Moise street and exits till today though on a different street, Lido. Casinos later sprung up by the action of wealthy merchants and have been developing and evolving with time till now. Today, this casino offers a wide variety of modern table games where customers can play blackjack. Also Caribbean poker, and roulette games, just like they played cheap gambling games in the past.

Oldest Casino In Las Vegas

Nevada’s legislature realized that gambling was a potential source of revenue to fund its operations and thus legalized it in 1931. Since gambling was already existing in Las Vegas, this law leads to an abrupt rise in the number of casinos, especially now that it was a recognized business entitled to licensing. In Vegas, the first gambling license issued in 1931 to the Northern Club. So maybe this is the oldest Casino in Las Vegas. Other casinos that were later licensed were; Hotel Apache and the Las Vegas Club along Fremont Street. With casinos licensed at such an early time, it is not surprising to realize many casinos in Lagos Vegas today.


Famous Casinos in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has among the most famous casinos in the whole world. Gambling in Vegas was brought about by the sequential events that followed the building of the Hoover Dam. The dam brought together people from different places in the form of laborers. It’s believed that a group of these people must have bought with them the art of gambling. And introduced it to their friends during the dam construction. When Nevada’s government realized that gambling could be a source of income just like any other business. It legalized gambling and started issuing licenses to casinos. With such developments as early as 1931, gambling in Las Vegas has grown to be a great business. Several casinos are famous in Las Vegas.

The Venetian

The Venetian is a famous casino in Las Vegas and holds more than 2500 slotting and poker machines. The casino also has 115 gaming tables with additional high stake sections that carry 12 tables. It is famous for having a wide variety of slotting machines for players to choose from while enjoying spin-the-wheel adventure stakes. Familiar casino classics such as blackjack, poker, roulette, and baccarat also offered for those who physically visit the Venetian, electronic casino games such as full automatic versions of baccarat, roulette, and blackjack.

The Bellagio

The Bellagio casino is also quite famous in Las Vegas. Besides enjoying various casino games offered by any casino, Bellagio provides players with a chance to witness live shows from world gambling champions. It also has excellent restaurant services for players and visitors. Similar to Venetian, this casino also has numerous slotting and poker machines on all floors for access by the players. Similarly, table games in their different baccarat, poker, roulette, and blackjack categories also offered at both semi and fully automated versions. The casino has an M-life reward system where it rewards its loyal members with various exclusive parks.

The Flamingo Las Vegas

The Flamingo Las Vegas casino has been operating for five decades. And is the only casino in Vegas that offers its members a chance to play craps. There are over 1600 slotting machines providing games such as Wheel of Fortune, Sizzling 7s, and Megabucks. Table games are also available, accompanied by a wide variety of tables to choose from.

White pigeon ticket

Casinos and gambling have had their origin closely linked to man throughout his life. Gambling was first practiced in China in a closely related game, “white pigeon ticket,”. Which used different pieces from those used today. With time, gambling has evolved to become what it is today and has witnessed society change its perspective about gambling and start considering it like any other source of joy. The first casino put up in Italy, from which many more sprouted up. Since gambling is so much rooted in Las Vegas people’s everyday life, it can only be theorized that it is its introduction early and its legalization that lead to these circumstances.