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The allure of the casino is unmistakable, and the thrill of winning money at a casino is irresistible. Of course, every player plays to win and hopefully win big. Whether you’re a clever casino strategist or a casual player testing your pure luck, there is almost nothing exciting like the idea of stepping into a casino with a few bucks only to walk out a millionaire. What is big casino win?

biggest casino win wins

Although the chances are extremely rare, different gamblers were truly lucky. They unexpectedly won millions of dollars by playing casinos, roulette, blackjack, and other favorite casino games, both online and on land.

In this article, we will look at some of the biggest casino wins that will inspire you on your betting journey. Read on to discover those glorious moments when the lucky ducks finally hit it big!

Biggest casino wins

Some casino players were lucky to have their dream of millions turn into cash. Here are the biggest casino wins of all time.

1. $40 million

Walking into a casino with $50 in your pocket and walking out with $40 million may sound like a tale or a well-written fiction; it is a true story.

Archie Karas, the winner of $40 million, has an intriguing journey through many casinos. After losing $2 million in an LA poker game, he could not stop gambling. Karas went to Las Vegas with only $50 to give it another try. Luckily, he spotted a friend and borrowed $10,000 and kept playing, where he managed to win $17 million at the end of the day. Karas’ winning stake lasted for the next 30 months, during which he won $40 million.

Despite being the luckiest man in the casino, his winning lasted three weeks.

2. $39.7 million

While waiting for a basketball game, a 25-year-old software engineer walked into Excalibur casino to pass the time. He was lucky to walk with one of the biggest casino wins. Winning nearly $39,713 982.25 was an excellent way to pass the time, anyway.

3. $20-$40 million

One evening, Kerry Packer, an Australian billionaire, was trying his hand in blackjack and baccarat just for fun and to learn the games. Well, he won somewhere between $20 and $40 million – he won so much in the evening that the exact figure is unknown. Rumor has it that he was generous to tip the staff $1,000,000.

4. $34.95 million

In January 2000, Cynthia Jay Brennan, a cocktail waitress, was lucky to win the largest Megabucks jackpot at that time. On her 9th try, the machine rewarded her a whopping $34,959,458.56, allowing her to happily quit her job, marry her boyfriend, and opt to tour the world. Unfortunately, her fate turned to misery when she got into an accident a few weeks after the big win.

Biggest roulette win

Roulette is one of the most exciting casino games that rely on pure chance. Here are the lucky ducks who made a fortune while playing roulette. Biggest roulette win below:

biggest roulette win

1. Joseph Jagger – $375,000

With his knowledge of machines, Joseph Jagger suspected it was possible to beat roulette. In 1973, he decided to test his theory, where he managed to punish the casinos of Monte Carlo, winning $375,00 in the biased roulette wheel. After his big casino sin, he stayed away from gambling.

2. Philip Green – £2 Million

Roulette is a lucky casino game for Sir Philip Green. This tycoon was able to add millions to his billions when he won £2 Million in December 2004. Rumors have it that he won another £1 million in a subsequent visit before the year ended.

3. Charles Wells – around 2 Million Francs

Although Charles Wells was a well-known scammer, he was honest and good at roulette. On one night in 1891, he walked to a Monte Carlo Casino Resort and started spinning the wheel. With his 23 out of 30 consecutive wins, he was able to break the bank, winning close to one million francs. On a later date, Wells won over one million francs.

4. Pedro Grendene Bartelle

In January 2017, Pedro Grendene Bartelle saw his $350 turn into 3.5 million when playing French roulette at Hotel Conrad.

biggest blackjack win

Biggest blackjack win

Blackjack is another ancient casino game that is still in play. Although it comes in a whole lot of versions, the basic rules remain the same. If you master the simple rules, you may end up getting one of the biggest blackjack wins. Here are the past blackjack millionaires.

1. $40 million – Kerry Packer

Kerry Packer’s extraordinary gambling career is famous. For him, it was either a big win or a significant loss, as he was one the highest-rollers in casinos.

In 1991, he visited Hilton Casino, where he managed to grab $7 million. Later in 1995, he was placing $250,000 bets on each round at MGM Grand, and in his 8th hand, Packer cashed out $40 million in just 40 minutes.

2. $15.1 million – Don Johnson

Don Johnson is a well-known avid blackjack player. Although he has a list of winnings, he was able to cash out a whopping $15.1 million playing blackjack between December 2010 and April 2011. Later in the month, he won $4.2 million at Borgata Hotel Casino.

big casino win

3. $4.5 million – Ken Uston

Ken Uston has really mastered blackjack strategies and the mathematical elements that rule the game. This gifted gambler and highly skilled blackjack player, together with his team, won over $4.5 million.

4. $1.5 million – The “Shoeless” Joe

No one knows the identity of this man who cashed out $1.5 million after visiting the casino with no shoes on. As the story goes, he was banished from his own house by his wife before hitting the jackpot. This is clear that commoners can also be lucky.

It is now clear that you can win big playing your favorite casino games. Interestingly, you don’t have to visit land-based casinos to get the biggest casino wins. Since most casino games are based on luck, you can start rolling the dice from your phone, and you might be the next millionaire.