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Types of Poker

Poker is the most famous card game played in a casino over the years. On many occasions, the game is typically referred to as Poker, The King of Casino. Previously, many people believed that poker was first played in the United States of America as a card game (sneak peek at oldest casino in the world where Poker was also played). As early as 1937, Roy Foster, an Irish historian, claimed that poker was similar to a Persian game called As-Nas, played five cards to every player and from a pack of twenty cards. Deeper research has later disproved Foster’s claims unearthing that poker must-have evolved quite recently, around the 19th century, and became the famous gambling game today. Poker games have many forms and variations depending on the rules followed in each game. So let’s find out more about types of Poker.


Different types of poker

There are many types of poker games played in different casinos across the world. What differs from one poker game to the other is the rules enacted in each. To understand and comprehensively define the different types of poker games, it is important to describe the different terms used in poker games. The term Ante refers to the minimum allowable amount of money one must gamble to be allowed into the game’s action. Instead of using real money to place bets in poker, the players use round chips, usually placed on the table before cards are dealt. These chips are referred to as blinds. A poker game call generally means that the player is willing to match the amount raised by a new wager.

On the other hand, if there is no new wager and the player has no immediate urge to raise his bets, the scenario is called a check. Consequently, a raise refers to a player’s wish to increase the bets’ amount on the table. As such, the different types of poker games available in a casino can be discussed.

Texas Hold ‘Em

Texas Hold ‘Em is the most famous series of poker games played in many casinos across the world today. In this game, the players are dealt with two hole cards and then await five more community cards to be slipped over. Betting is done at different stages of the game, usually after a sequence of agreed moves.

The first bets are placed after the two hole cards have been issued. The second betting must only happen after three of the five community cards have been flipped. Another bet follows once the fourth card is flipped and the last of bets placed after the last one of the five community cards is revealed. In possession of the hole cards and the community cards, players are free to use their best combination of any pair of the available cards to make their best hands. The player with the best cards, in the end, is said to win.

The Omaha poker

The Omaha poker game is closely related to Texas Hold ‘Em, having four rounds of bets during the game. However, the initial cards dealt at the beginning of the game add up to four hole cards. Once these cards are dealt with, all the five community cards are immediately flipped. Omaha poker can be played by a minimum of two players and a maximum of ten.

To win, players must come up with five of their best cards, two from the four hole cards issued at the beginning and the rest as a combination of their best cards from the community cards.


Seven Card Stud

The other type of poker game is known as Seven Card Stud, where each player is issued with a bunch of seven cards. Also, four of these cards are facing up, and the rest are facing down. The player is expected to make a set of five best cards to win.

Five Card Draw

In a Five Card Draw poker game, the players are issued five cards, just as the name suggests. During their first move, the players are permitted to trade a maximum of three of their cards and come up with their best match of the five cards to give them the best hand.

Queen Poker

Follow the Queen is more interesting than most poker games, whereby the wild card is determined by the card exposed once the Queen has been flipped.


Poker variations

The popular games in poker are categorized into three main classifications. So Poker variations depending on the game’s rules, nature, and form. While in stud games, players must use the original cards, mostly 5 or 7, they were dealt with to make their best hand; draw games allow players to trade some of their cards, usually a maximum of three cards, to improve their stakes. In community cards, cards are dealt secretively, usually face-down on the table, and are specific and unique to each player.

All players have equal chances to play off one another to make their best hand and win the game. From these three main classification, many more types of poker games arise. With each slightly different from the other in one way or the other, but still can be categorized as either stud, community card, or draw games. These three classifications are commonly referred to as poker variants.

As such, the different poker games discussed follow in these categories. However, some casinos allow players to play a mixer of these games in a single play session. For example, the players may play Texas Hold ‘Em for twenty minutes before turning to Follow the Queen in the next twenty minutes. The resulting game cannot be categorized among the three major poker variants.


Poker games list

Based on the classification and variation of the different poker games played in a casino. The following poker games list is sufficient.

7-Card Stud
5-Card Stud
Follow the Queen
Texas Hold ‘Em
Omaha Hi
Omaha Hi-Low

This list is varying from one casino to the other based on the facilities they have and their ability to host each game at their tables. A combination of two or more games can be played in a single session. Though there are general rules that govern each of these games, these rules may vary from place to place.

Finally, gambling in casinos is a leisure activity that many people enjoy. In many casinos or casino lounge across the world, poker is the most popular card game played at the tables.  If you decided to play these game click out here and get 200% casino bonus. Dependent on the rules of each game, poker games can be classified into three major variants. From these variants, many types of poker arise. It is possible to play more than one poker type in a single play session.